We enjoy working with clients who seek to engage their spiritual questions and challenges in the midst of the therapeutic journey. Our clients come from a variety of life histories and family backgrounds, but share in common a desire to discover a more hopeful perspective on life, while exercising specific skills and practices to make hope concrete on a daily basis. Our therapists are accustomed to mutual collaboration to serve the needs of children, adolescents, and their families in one setting.
We specialize in psychological and spiritual wellness for all ages by taking a bio-psycho-social-spiritual view of the person in community, including couples and groups. We allow our clients to lead us into the religious and/or spiritual terrain that provides the most meaning to them.
Our practice is intentionally interdisciplinary to allow both breadth and depth in the client’s therapeutic experience. Our staff members are trained, many formally so, in the integration of mental health practice and spirituality. Visit our website to learn more about our training and specific clinical interests.

M.A & Ph.D., Clinical Psychology/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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