Life can be challenging, and at some point, filled with obstacles, it can be challenging to adjust. The therapeutic environment that we build together will provide a safe and non-judgmental place for you to explore ways to cope, adapt to change, challenge yourself, and work through emotional difficulties. I believe in incorporating each person’s unique experience and embracing individual identity to promote self-growth through guided discovery and acceptance. Using a variety of techniques tailored to my clients’ specific needs, ultimately, I hope for each client to graduate from therapy feeling empowered and autonomous.
Like most of us, I experience the joys and struggles that come with being human. My role is to encourage, support, and challenge my clients to discover ways to live a life they love. Therapy will become a safe place to explore and resolve emotions and experiences that may negatively impact your life.
Together, we can figure out what works for you, recognizing that you have many strengths and coping skills that you are already using. Working collaboratively, we can build on these skills and make them more useful.

Doctor of Philosophy –Ph.D., Rehabilitation Counselling and Counsellors Education/North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
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