Clients who work with Elite Performance Counseling, PLLC (EPC) want to regain their performance edge. High-achievers often struggle with anxiety—it comes with the territory. Those who achieve a lot of success in life, however, are often assumed to “have it all together.” The truth is high-achievers deal with enormous amounts of pressure to achieve bigger and better, which frequently results in unhealthy levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and ultimately a drop in performance. Peak performance is impacted by one’s ability to effectively leverage the mind/body so that stress can be managed, and power/potential can be maximized.
EPC focuses on how to reintegrate and use somatic (body) intelligence for anxiety reduction, and peak business, athletic, academic, and artistic performance. These techniques often enhance other areas of your life. As a culturally sensitive practice, we will coach you on resourcing, reconnecting, and leveraging your personal power and potential.
We all have baggage. The real challenge is whether a person can identify what it is, how it shows up in their life, and how well they can manage it. At EPC, we believe in a whole-person approach and always collaborate with our clients to set goals. Trust the process of counseling and give yourself a chance to relearn how to maximize the business of living.

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