**We offer video and phone counseling** Is your “stuff” blocking your JOY??? I help professional women and men who despite having it all together on the outside, are struggling on the inside. Because as smart, bold, and fabulous as you may be, sometimes our “stuff” gets in the way of us living, loving, and working with JOY. Maybe you are struggling in a complicated relationship, be it with a friend, family, or lover? Or feeling like you have no purpose in life or aren’t living abundantly? Or maybe you are dealing with emotional baggage that just won’t go away.
I bet you’ve tried everything – scoured the internet, sought advice from your friends, pursued limitless distractions, and read every self-help book + inspirational meme. Well, this is what I know to be true– “Stuff” doesn’t go away just by reading books, talking with friends, distracting yourself, or starting over with a new relationship.
If you’re done repeating the same things, and ready to see real change in your life, I’d love to meet you! My approach combines therapy with storytelling, creative art therapy, and holistic therapy, to help you emotionally heal, cultivate meaningful relationships, work purposefully, and Live With JOY. Contact me to learn more!

Master of Arts (M.A.) Mental Health Counseling/Capella University
Been in Practice Since