***ONLINE SESSION AVAILABLE***Have you found yourself making changes to your life, such as a job change, a new partner, weight loss, or move to a new city, and you feel disconnected? Do you find yourself asking questions, “Why haven’t things changed? What is wrong with me? Will I ever find happiness?” In many cases, the external changes are not enough. Many times what is needed is a change within ourselves. With creating inner changes we are able to find healing, joy, and peace within ourselves, so that the external change can be fully enjoyed.
If you seek relief from distress or want more fulfillment in your life, therapy can provide an opportunity to reach your goal, to engage whole heartedly in your relationships, or to understand and change your patterns, motivations, and barriers. We will work with you to help you find solutions.
When working with clients we use methods that allow you to use your strengths and heighten your sense of hope. This can lead to a healthier, more satisfying life. To learn more about us and the practice, please visit our website, or call for a complementary first session.

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