I can understand the intense feelings of anxiety, daily stressors and the signs of depression that overwhelm you. I understand that life can cause you to waver. Those ongoing feelings that create those intense emotions, or behaviors that are uncomfortable, the changing relationships and careers, the battles in our lives that make us feel as if were being tossed around in a bad storm. For so long we feel like we are alone to try and pick of the pieces and attempt to repair the damages of trauma or pain from our storms. We have a choice we don’t have to do it alone. There is strength in asking for help.
I am an experienced family counselor with 15 plus years in the mental health field. I currently offer services for individuals, marriages, couples (dating) and family counseling. I have a history of working with families and individuals in social services within the Central Florida area. Also, I believe that with faith we overcome.
Choose to seek what you need; to restore, rebuild, heal and resuscitate the life you want. Then work to discover or recall what you lost; in your lives, in your relationships, in your families and in your career endeavors. The help you need is not far away. Have faith to endure and wise counsel to gain understanding.

BA Psychology/Florida A&M University
Been in Practice Since