You know that saying “Never judge a book by its cover”? Well, I can honestly say that the cover of my book does not match the pages! The pages in my book of life have equipped me with the experience to connect with ALL people. In my book, I’ve encountered many conflicts. I’ve been the antagonist and the protagonist and I’m just in the rising action. Because my pages are not all filled with butterflies and sunshine, I’ve had to work to find ways to help equip myself with daily coping skills. I am happy to be in a position to share my experience with others through therapy and educational opportunities.
For the past decade, I’ve been in the education chapters of life. I’ve worked as a Life Skills paraprofessional, Resource/Inclusion Teacher, Behavior Support Teacher, AVID Coordinator and a Reading Interventionist. I am ending my career in Mesquite ISD as the first middle school Interventionist/Crisis Counselor (Mental Health Counselor).
So why should you trust me to help you write the next pages in your book of life? I am passionate about helping people become the best version of them. I help people turn their scars into beauty marks. I offer a nonjudgmental, safe environment. I’m not afraid to share my own life lessons if the opportunity permits. I am a life long learner!

Lamar University/ M.Ed in School Counseling
Been in Practice Since