*NOW PROVIDING ONLINE TELETHERAPY* Hello and welcome! I understand that you are tired and overwhelmed with life’s demands. Your relationship is not what you expected and no longer feels satisfying or “meant to be.” You are struggling to be the “ideal” parent you thought you’d be, or you’re just plain exhausted by all the pressures on you. If you let it, life will put you on an emotional roller coaster. Even if you’re not experiencing turmoil, how do you stay there? How do you protect your mind, your heart, or your child, or relationship? You need help to transform those painful emotions into ones that are healing and fulfilling.
Release anxiety and depression and finally breathe again! Be assertive in your life and create the story you want to live. Learn that the purpose your emotions serve, are to push you towards the wholeness you seek. We are happy, fulfilled individuals when our relationships are healthy. We become the opposite when our relationships are difficult and draining.
Gain peace and control again, visit my website to learn more about therapy with me. I believe in the power of strong beings, strong marriages, and strong families. I understand and relate to the pressures of grief, relationships, parenting, business, and sports. Conveniently schedule your appointment on my website and live a more fulfilling life now.

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