If technological advances allow for connection even more than before, then why do you feel so disconnected? Sometimes, your life can feel like it is on autopilot and no one cares. Why does life seem meaningless and uncertain at times? Loneliness is stigmatized in our society. Individuals can be in a relationship and still feel lonely. Sometimes a single event can prevent us from really connecting to others around us. You need help to rediscover yourself so that you can reconnect with the ones you love. Perhaps your family or your child is experiencing similar concerns, they deserve help too. You deserve to live your best life.
Previous traumas, loss, uncertainty, or relationship issues can prevent you from living up to your full potential. I am trained in somatic EMDR, Brain Spotting, and family therapy. I will help you and your loved ones figure this out to help you rise to your full potential. I have over 14 years of helping people with your concerns.
You are not alone. I can help you, or your family. If you are from a diverse or marginalized group or not, I want to help you. You need someone who will listen and understand your unique concerns without judgement. You can be in the privacy of your own domain where you feel safe.

PhD, Family Therapy/ Saint Louis University
Been in Practice Since