There is a reason for everything and my place is in the service others, to educate, encourage, and support. I have always had an open door policy to those seeking help. My primary focus has been on helping the African-American community deal with issues of identity, personality, and emotional management. I am a compassionate ear and shoulder. I have always been a working class person and feel that I can bring my skills and experience to the table to help you overcome any ordeal.
I specialize in confronting irrational thinking and maladaptive belief systems that are major influences on addiction and emotional management issues.
Consider me like an umbrella. Providing you comfort in a storm. I may not be able to end the rain forever, but I can help you deal with it. Maybe even shelter you till it lets up or stops. I am available during evening and weekend hours to make it comfortable and convenient for you to get the assistance you need without disrupting your usual commitments.

Masters of Arts (M.A.), Clinical Psychology/Cleveland State University
Been in Practice Since