Therapy is an opportunity to alleviate emotional pain and also a safe space to reflect and grow. When seeking therapy, many people might be unsure of what they want and afraid of the uncertainty. My hope is to help you walk through a healthy perspective to replenish a meaningful and rewarding life where you could see yourself more completely and inspire yourself to be the calm within the storm. With a compassionate, non-judgmental, and psychologically mindful space, I hope you will feel deeply understood and optimistic.
I work from a genuine, authentic and collaboratively open style. My work is tailored to each client’s needs and presenting problems. During our sessions, we may focus on discovering new coping strategies to manage problems, widening your perspective, providing tools to overcome stressors, facilitate insight as well as promoting self-care and resiliency.
Having an international background, I value diversity and I am deeply attuned to your unique social and cultural identity and its effect on your individuality, sense of purpose and meaning in life. Currently, I am a full-time Staff Psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, Counseling and Psychological Services. Check my WEBSITE for more information!

PhD Counselling Psychology/University of Tennessee, knoxville
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