Would you like to make some small changes that will have a BIG impact on your family-or professional-life? Are you or your child experiencing stress and frustration dealing with friendships or family relationships? Are teachers and family members saying your child’s behavior is out of control? Do you wish you could talk to your parent or child without yelling or always having it turn into a fight? If you do, I’d love to help.
I work with adults to develop satisfying relationships, achieve work-life balance, & use coping skills for stress & anxiety. My work with families focuses on improved communication, so that all family members feel heard & solutions to problems are reasonable. I also teach families to discuss issues without arguments, establish fair rules & boundaries, so family-life rewarding.
I also help children resolve issues such as: peer pressure & bullying, teen and toddler tantrums, sibling rivalry, self-esteem and behavioral problems at home and school. If you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life I’d love to hear from you.

M.A. in Clinical Psychology/Pepperdine University.
Been in Practice Since