Rise Above is a private practice and peer support group founded on the principle that sobriety is not boring. Taking the queues from the famous Black Flag song of the same name, Rise Above replaces the human entity of society with each person’s drug of choice. Each person is taking on the challenge to no longer be slave to the substance, but take control and rise above to soar at greater heights, defiantly casting away personal doubt and naysayers using the same passion and punk rock rebellion embedded deep in us all. Ask about our AGI sliding scale.
I use eclectic therapy methods, including CBT and Narrative therapy, to address the triggers and cravings, and create new experiences based in sobriety that leads to long-term recovery. I also assist with Moderation Management, recovery coaching, and other harm reduction practices to meet every person exactly where they are.
I proudly assist clients in exploring new ways to stay involved in the art and music scene, and create new ways of having fun that do not require having to be drunk or high in the process. Everyone has the ability to be unique and authentically themselves no matter what.

Antioch University, Los Angeles- Master of Arts (M.A.), Psychology of Addiction
Been in Practice Since