Are you feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by the challenges of life? Are you looking for a safe space to be authentically you without judgment? Are your l struggling to set boundaries and effectively communicate your needs to others? Wondering how to adjust and navigate your life after experiencing a stressful or traumatic event? Is it hard for you to accept who you are and connect with others? Have you experienced a difficulty finding a provider that understands your life experience? Are you ready to experience therapy in a more creative and expressive way? Then I am the counselor for you!
Counseling with me is a collaborative effort. This is a judgement free zone and you are entitled to every emotion. It is not easy seeking therapeutic help and I’m proud of your starting your process in finding a provider. Together we will work to create a safe space where you can grow and heal. My goal is to assist individuals through life’s challenges.
I work with teens & young adults with mild to severe mental illness. Along with talk therapy I can provide a more creative, expressive, and hands on approach to mental health counseling. The time is always now to heal. Let’s take this walk together as we follow your path to healing.

Master`s of Science Degree, Clinical Mental Health Counselling/University of Nebraska at Omaha
Been in Practice Since